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How to Period.
How to Period.

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How to Period.
How does Period work?
What do I do if I feel like I’m leaking?
What is the difference between leaking and flowing?
How does Period. underwear work with clots?
Does Period. work for incontinence?
How do I wash Period?
Can I put my Period. underwear in the dryer?
Can I hand wash Period?
How many times can I use one pair of Period underwear?
If I feel like I'm going to have a particularly heavy day, should I take an extra pair out with me?
What happens if I’m out and I have to change my underwear? Where do I put my old underwear?
What’s the deal with PUL and PFAS toxins? Is it safe?
Is Period underwear safe? I read somewhere that a few brands weren't?
How soon can I start wearing Period?
What is wicking?
Is Period a new technology?
Will I feel fresh if I wear Period?
Can I wear Period on a date?
Can Period take care of WAP?
Will I smell?
How long does one pair of Period last?
Can I wear Period if I’m pregnant?
Can I use Period as a back-up to a tampon?
Can I wear Period if I haven’t started my periods?
How many pairs of Period should I have in my drawer?
Can I wear Period even if I’ve stopped having my periods?
Who can wear Period underwear?
Is it okay to lend Period to a friend?
Can I wear Period like my normal underwear?
How much waste am I saving by using Period?
What makes you different from all the other period underwear companies?
Should I put on a new pair of Period underwear at night?
What is the secret to life?
Where is Period made?
How much money do I save by using Period?
Is Period friendly for the planet?
Is Period harmful in any way?
Why are you called Period?
Is there any chance my Period underwear has Covid 19 on it?
Can I dance in Period?
Is it safe to do sports in Period?